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Smart Bluetooth reader.

Take payment quickly, anywhere, anytime

Model: AP1

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Device Features

Accept all card types

Works with all major card brands, Chip and PIN, Contactless cards, digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and swipe cards. Never turn away a sale again.

Take Payment in seconds

Powers up and processes transactions in seconds. To take a payment open the Abacus Pay app, enter an amount or select an item from your catalog then present a card for payment.

Power to keep you going

Long life battery to keep you going all day, every day wherever your business takes you. One 3 hour charge (via Micro USB) gives enough charge for more than 600 Chip or Contactless transactions.

Safe and secure

Compliant with the latest PCI-DSS industry standards to keep your customers data safe and secure.

Intuitive to use and setup

No manual required, just turn on the pinpad and start the Abacus Pay mobile app, the device will have to be paired to your phone or tablet once and then will automatically connect in the future. The app will walk you through the installation process and taking payments.

The perfect solution for the small business or sole trader who wants quick, easy & reliable card processing.

Perfect solution.
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Device Details

01.Fast or Instant payouts
02.Bluetooth connectivity up to 10 meters away
03.Small footprint 130g weight
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01. Fast or Instant payouts

02. Bluetooth connectivity up to 10 meters away

03. Small footprint 130g weight

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Smart Bluetooth reader.

Take payment quickly, anywhere, anytime.

Model: AP1

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£ 49
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Technical specifications
EMV chip card reader: (ISO 7816 compliant class A,B,C card)
Triple track: magnetic stripe card reader
NFC reader: EMV contactless and mobile payments
Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1 & Micro USB
Supported OS: Android 2.1 or above, IOS 6.0 or above
Battery: 750mAH battery for more than 600 Chip/Contactless transactions per charge
Size: 69.2mm x 113.4mm x 16.3m approx. 130g weight
Security: PCI PTS v4.1 with SRED

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